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Born in Dubai, Princess is the designer and creative director of B Princess. Since her childhood, fashion and designing have always been a passion and interest of her. Growing up, her sense of style drew inspiration from (the 1950s and now it has transpired to be the same source of inspiration for her designs), at the age of twenty she was known amongst her friends and family for her own line of design. She has studied and practiced the designs in New York. At the age of thirty, she launched her B Princess brand. She was inspired by the famous designers COCO CHANEL, DONATELLA VERSACHE AND VALENTINO GARAVANI etc.

B Princess is a high-­end women’s wear brand based in UAE Abu Dhabi. The fabrics are handpicked only from the very best, the combination of these fabrics, details, and beautiful silhouettes capture the femininity, true, elegance, and e-classic yet modern essence of the brand.

B Princess started with three lines of design styles in addition to little princess line (the 1950s line, which holds princess name, ballerina line which hold flowers name and modern which hold fashion city).

The aim is to add the names of the princesses and identify them and increase the awareness of girls about the world of princesses.
The aim of the names of flowers and their types and color and integration with the clothes Alplrina is because each girl smells beautiful, sweet and all the ambiguity represents the comfort of the beautiful rose and gives a sense of all women like the smell with a smell.

Because the princess love to travel and move from one city to another The goal of the names of cities to represent modern civilized women and move from one city to another easily and get to know all the cities and love travel